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{for ashley | from our hearts}

at times i wish i was less connected… i curse technology and social media like im sure we all do!

at other times im just so thankful for all the wonderful friendships ive made online! for the connections with other mummas and photographers… one of those friendships is with the lovely ashley meiners wilson who is part of my 10 on 10 {aka kaleidoscope project}. such a sweet soul and wonderful photographer and im so grateful to have met her!

sadly, last week she lost her husband jon. it was sudden and so unexpected! i cant even imagine what she is going through right now and how overcome with grief she must be at the thought of a life without him and raising her two children on her own! it has been consuming my thoughts since i heard the news and my heart goes out to her…

if you want to see some of ashleys work, she did the most beautiful 10 on 10 post recently dedicated to jon! the love and tenderness of the images really touched me… see that post HERE.

at times like these, images sometimes speak louder and say whats in our hearts when we just cant find the words… ive come together with a group of 28 photographers sharing images that hopefully will bring a little love and light to ashleys day but also to help raise money to support her and her family financially in this time of need. to see the collection of images visit our site, from our hearts.

today im thankful for social media and im thankful you took the time to stop by and read this post. go hug your loved ones xxx

from our hearts for ashley meiners wilson

{and then there were 5 // sydney family portrait photographer}

ive been editing these photos from a sydney portrait session late last year so i thought i would share them with you!

last time i saw these guys was in 2011. they were a sweet family of 4… then along comes ginger and now they are 5! you can see their first portrait session here. thanks so much for asking me into your home to capture the girls avril! i loved seeing how much they have grown and meeting ginger… so sweet indeed!

there is something lovely about coming back to images once a little time has passed too dont you think? i forgot how much i loved these photos!

when im searching for files i stumble across other long forgotten photos of my own and fall in love with them all over again! photography is such a powerful medium! these days, with digital photography and phone photography, we forget just how important it is to have real images off our phones and computers and on our walls where we can see them and enjoy them! i know this too well because i often choose the phone to take a photo over my ‘big camera’ because its just so easy and who doesnt love being able to share instantly?

in an effort to capture more real life moments of my family on my big camera ive been shooting a few personal projects! the last 18 months ive been photographing a monthly 10 on 10 project with the loveliest bunch of girls {aka : the kaleidoscope project}. i captured a whole month of images with my friend deb in our joint personal project, oceans apart. then another month with my friend kirsty doing a project called in this moment.  im also doing a weekly photo project this year with photographers from around the world sharing virtual postcards called wish you were here. im so thankful for the time and space to do these personal projects because its something ive often longed to do but never had the time to explore! doing these projects means i have so many beautiful photos of our adventure here in bali which makes my heart so happy!

im making it my mission to get my images into books and on my walls… i thought i would wait till we are back in australia but it doesnt feel like home without our family photos! the trickiest part will be getting companies to ship here and if they do, having the items actually arrive! wish me luck!

happy monday friends x

sydney portrait photographer rowe timson

{in this moment ~ week four}

in this moment | week four | 22.01.14 to 28.01.14


the last month ive been sharing a personal project im doing with my sweet friend, kirsty larmour. It’s about sharing just a small moment from our daily lives. a moment that makes us pause. sometimes very ordinary, but the stuff that we want to remember! these are photos from our 4th week of January! if you want to know and see more, check out the first post here.

the school chicken yard ~ audrey most favourite place to hang out! she adores this little creature… LOLA!

our neighbourhood ~ exploring rice fields just a couple of minutes from our house {stick in hand to keep away any snakes!}

bali street kids orphange ~ so many kind people doing amazing things in bali! meet jasmine… all kinds of sweetness!

bali safari and marine park
bali safari and marine park ~ the jeep tour… armed with a bucket load of carrots you can be sure a zillion super cute animals will come to your window just begging to be fed! this is the biggest hippo ive ever seen up close and personal!
school stairs ~ just a few minutes to hang out before class starts.

family beach walk ~ leda just loves her evening walk! audrey and i dont always go but this day we did and we loved it!

bali lifestyle portrait photographer motel mexicola
motel meicola ~ the only way to cool off on a super hot day after manis and pedis, pretty feather and tinsel additions to ones hair, not to mention an opportunity to eat the yummiest of meals!

how can i not include this behind the scenes image taken when i was trying to capture a family portrait in our street of our dear friends! bali style… family of 5 on scooter {more for the shock value for their family at home!}, rice fields in the background and audrey and danny photo bombing! oh how i love this image…

here is a moment from kirstys week… i love how different our lives are but equally beautiful! please stop by her blog to see more of her week!

well, sadly, that is the last post of our little project!  i have loved doing the in this moment project with her because i have captured so many ordinary moments i would have otherwise missed!  i know i have said it before but i cant recommend personal work enough… if you already do a project you would love to share, leave details in the comments! rowe x

March 7, 2014 - 7:12 pm

Kirsty - Oh my gosh!! The chicken!!! And the photo bomb actually made me laugh out loud – so funny – your life is always a delight to see – thank you for doing this project with me sweetie xxxx