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{7 random things…}

one of my lovely, very talented friends, kati, passed me the kreativ blogger meme…  as well as being a great friend, shes a wonderful photographer so if you happen to live in the usa, check her out!  ive never been tagged before but it seems that i must share 7 random things about myself with all of you.  i decided i might just share 7 things that make my heart sing cause ive been meaning to do that forever so here goes!

1.  i ♥ my morning ritual…  herbal tea and 2 slices of toast.  i feel incomplete without it!

2.  i ♥ summer.  the feeling of sunshine on my skin and eating watermelon by the pool.

3.  i ♥ chocolate, coke (glass bottle please), cookie dough ice cream and sushi.  not all at once…  that would be wrong…

4.  i ♥ vintage and all things handcrafted.  oh how i love etsy!

5.  i ♥ a perfectly made bed (hospital corners with fluffy pillows).

6.  i ♥ music…  i love music more than most things…  i feel so inspired, like anything is possible when im listening to music.  i especially love the excitement of discovering a new band!

early this year i discovered the avett brothers and how i wish id found them sooner…  the first time i saw bella donna on you tube i was so moved i almost cried!  i loved it so much and just had to have it that moment so i bought it on itunes – it was the first thing i ever bought on itunes because i really love to buy cds and have the artwork…  something about the feeling of having the booklet in my hands, flipping through the pages when i listen to an artist for the first time just that makes the whole experience better!

my absolute favourite right now is i blame coco…  i find her voice and beauty mesmerising!  how amazing is this film clip…

7.  i ♥ audrey lu.  i love that she still loves to hold my hand everywhere we go.  i often say to her, ‘you wont want to hold my hand when your a little older and i will miss that’, she always says something ever so lovely…  the other day she replied, ‘i will always want to hold your hand forever mumma’.  too sweet!

and 7b (is that cheating?)…  i ♥ danny.  that he is a loving husband and a super fun dadda!  i love that he always believes in me and tells me so, when i need to hear it most.  that he is strong where i am weak.  that he never expects a home cooked dinner and he appreciates everything i do!

o.k.  now im done im going to tag a few friends of mine that id like to know 7 random things about…

chantelle at fat mum slim

kate at tea and jam photography

peta mazey

elise at le coco portraits

if you guys want to play along, the rules are…

* copy the award to your blog
* insert a link to the person who nominated you
* share seven things about yourself that you haven’t told us before.
* nominate other bloggers for the award – share the love
* link to their blogs.

♥ rowe x

p.s.  sorry kati for not doing it sooner…  ive been in sydney working the last week and then spent the last couple of days recovering from having my wisdom teeth out!

September 26, 2010 - 3:45 am

fat mum slim - Love your list. I can’t wait to write my own.

I listen to that Avett Bros song about 8 times a day… at least!

It’s my little boost throughout the day. I imagine I’m that bird in the cage, demanding that someone set me free. I know that sounds deep… but that song… oh! Can’t even begin to explain how much I love it.

Thanks for always introducing me to the best music.

Hope you are well rested now. x

September 26, 2010 - 6:09 am

Kati - Loved reading more about what makes you, you. #3 is me all over! We are soooo gonna go home from Vegas lbs heavier. I’ve been known to order a “totally chocolate dinner” at restaurants. I wouldn’t put it past your Audrey to always reach for your hand. My Mallory is 11 and still kisses me goodbye when I drop her off at school. I’m sure your Audrey will be the same way. Rest up and we’ll talk soon. Thanks for joining in the fun.

September 27, 2010 - 9:28 pm

Rikki - I hope you’re feeling better sweetie. So glad you played along! I love learning little bits and pieces about people and your list is fabulous. I totally get the coke from a glass bottle 😉 and I adore etsy ♥

September 27, 2010 - 11:36 pm

admin - {chantelle} i so knew you would find that song inspiring cause i love it so… i know you too well, although there is no such thing as knowing someone too well is there? {kati} las vegas here we come… yay! not keen on going home heavier but if it means sushi everyday i really couldnt care less… lol! i wish we could take the kids and they could meet and hang out but another time, hey? {rikki} danny thinks im insane with the whole bottle only thing… he knows the rules though – bottle is the most desired coke vessel, the can is a distant second and plastic is not at all. what a nightmare i am! thanks for starting the whole thing. ive been meaning to do one of these posts for so long and it was fun! rowe xxx

December 22, 2010 - 2:47 pm

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