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{for ashley | from our hearts}

at times i wish i was less connected… i curse technology and social media like im sure we all do!

at other times im just so thankful for all the wonderful friendships ive made online! for the connections with other mummas and photographers… one of those friendships is with the lovely ashley meiners wilson who is part of my 10 on 10 {aka kaleidoscope project}. such a sweet soul and wonderful photographer and im so grateful to have met her!

sadly, last week she lost her husband jon. it was sudden and so unexpected! i cant even imagine what she is going through right now and how overcome with grief she must be at the thought of a life without him and raising her two children on her own! it has been consuming my thoughts since i heard the news and my heart goes out to her…

if you want to see some of ashleys work, she did the most beautiful 10 on 10 post recently dedicated to jon! the love and tenderness of the images really touched me… see that post HERE.

at times like these, images sometimes speak louder and say whats in our hearts when we just cant find the words… ive come together with a group of 28 photographers sharing images that hopefully will bring a little love and light to ashleys day but also to help raise money to support her and her family financially in this time of need. to see the collection of images visit our site, from our hearts.

today im thankful for social media and im thankful you took the time to stop by and read this post. go hug your loved ones xxxfrom our hearts for ashley meiners wilson

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