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{handbag dreaming}

oh im dreaming of owning an epiphanie bag…  they are giving one away (or a canon eos 5d!) and there is still time to enter so if you havent already, head over to the blog to read more and find out what all the hype is about!

i so desperately need to win this competition…  those of you that have seen me walking around with my lowpro backpack know how much i need it!

a little story…  sometimes i shoot for a cool beauty website you might know called  if you dont know it, do go and check it out cause youll feel all inspired to put on a little lipgloss and get out your ghd and then when you look all amazing, youll have to find somewhere to go!

anyway, this one time im thinking of, we were on the look out for stylish girls with something cool going on and snapping a few photos of them.  i had a really good friend assisting me and she starts to giggle.  i say ‘what are you giggling about’.  she says ‘your all dressed up (i was wearing the most gorgeous willow dress, sass + bide rats and heels) and then youve got this little back pack on…  from behind you look like a school girl’.  well i start laughing too cause of course she is so right!

it obviously stuck in my head cause just after that, i bought a handbag that was designed for photographers but i used it once and it sits all shiny and new in my cupboard…  its just not that well designed.  so im still carrying around that little backpack but friends who have and epiphanie bag (they are the luck ones!), tell me these are amazing and they really have thought of everything when they designed them…  they tick all the boxes!

ok…  im clearly super tired and rambling so bye for now.  when i win the bag ill be sure to give you all a full report and share photos of me wearing it (taken by audrey of course!).  rowe x

p.s.  im thinking i want the lola (the red one) cause its the largest and i need room for 2 bodies, 2 lenses, a flash and then all the little tid bits we cant leave the house without (iphone, wallet, wipes etc).  but i love the simplicity of ginger…  would love to hear what others have and how much stuff they fit in them!  rowe x

March 26, 2010 - 12:27 pm

fat mum slim - I love that bag. I love it! Beyond Snapshots are giving one away too… you just have to enter a photo with something red in it, I’m thinking Audrey with the red cossie on.

You have to win it! Come on. x

March 28, 2010 - 7:26 pm

Bethwyn - Totally know what you mean! I’ve got a lowepro (my massive junk bag) and a 4mil crumpler (my little out and about bag), and they’re just not pretty. Functional, yes. Pretty, not in the slightest!

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