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{happy easter friends}

easter sunday… its little moments of family tradition i miss most when living away from home, in a new, not so far away place!

audrey has loads of allergies so for us, easter has never really been about food so much, but more about craft, toys, books and clothing… for weeks leading up to easter i would search high and low for anything bunny or baby chick related so she didnt feel like she was missing out or life was unfair. at times she still did feel like it was unfair of course but i did my best to make her feel like our easter was just as special as everyone else’s, even without chocolate!

needless to say its near impossible to find the sort of things i would usually buy her here and i havent been game to have anything shipped yet cause of all the stories i have heard about things not arriving or huge taxes if they do! its been just over a year since we arrived and although i have seen the occasional post office around, ive never seen a post man in our area, nor have we had mail delivered…

the point of this story… there are no photos this year or audrey in cute bunny ears or sporting a cute easter outfit so im going to share with you photos i stumbled across from easter 2010 when she was 6 years old. they are just happy snaps in our old bedroom but i cant tell you how much i loved seeing them again! i cant believe how small she looks in these images! ive heard people say before how they grow up too fast and when you are in the chaos and turmoil of daily life it never feels that way but looking back, its gone way quicker than i ever imagined it would…

time, please slow down! wont you let me have my baby who is still happy to hold my hand just for a few more years? anyway, enough longing for days of the past! hope you all had the loveliest easter with your friends and family! we had a super quiet day… lots of swimming and time in the sun and then met friends for dinner. different to our normal but perfect none the less!  rowe x

April 21, 2014 - 12:41 pm

Kirsty - Oh how cute is she!!! Indy adored seeing Audrey at the age 6 because she’s 6 too 😀 Hope you had a wonderful day xx

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