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{Hello 2017}

Happy New Year dear friends!

I don’t post much here but I share stuff most days over on Instagram. Here are a few favourite moments from 2016.

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Bye bye 2016. You have been lovely but honestly, also a very confusing year…

For a good chunk of it, things were a little crazy and I felt pretty unsettled. Danny has been away a lot and we have missed him. We questioned our life in Bali and seriously considered going home but in the last couple of months, all sorts of things that we have been working towards for over a year, have finally started to fall into place. The universe seems to be telling us to stay in Bali, to give it another year. We are listening.

Here are a few things I’m grateful for in 2016…

*Being lucky enough to call Bali our home for another year! I can’t believe we came for a 1 year family adventure in January 2013 and four years later, we are still here! I am still as in love with this magical island and the warmth of the people now, as I was when we arrived! I have no idea how will I ever leave… Take a peek at this post to see photos of Audrey’s first day of school and this one to hear about our reasons for moving and our first couple of months here.

*Loads of time spent with Audrey Lu, thanks to homeschooling! This was never part of our plan… If we were still in Australia, Audrey would never have been homeschooled. Let’s be real. Homeschooling is freakin hard! Some of the time, I don’t love being her teacher and she misses school, the friendships mostly, but this last year has been a blessing in so many ways and I am so thankful to have had so much time with her.

*Seeing India for the first time. I have always wanted to go. I knew I would love it but it was even better than I imagined. I got to travel with sweet friends… Three mums and five kids! I think our kids were photographed more than the attractions… Haha!  Thanks Deb and Kirsty for the super fun times!

*Inviting a stranger into our home to care for our pets while we were travelling, only to find she feels like family and we will forever be, the closest of friends. Nadine was going to stay a month but stayed seven. What a joyous seven months it was!

*Danny getting a new job doing what he loves most! He applied for a job in a completely new industry, with no formal qualification. He has worked his butt off mastering the trade over the last couple of years and I couldn’t be prouder!!!

*Adventures with lovely friends who visited us in Bali not once, but twice! Sometimes it’s so hard living oceans apart from friends but we are so fortunate to have friends that make the journey to be with us. Deb and Skyler, we are thankful for you.

*Having the kindest, most generous sister a girl could wish for! She gave to us freely on so many occasions for no reason, other than she wanted to. She asked for nothing in return. We feel spoilt and incredibly lucky. We love you Aunty Kikki!

*Audrey acing an interview and a 3 hour exam at the school of her dreams and being offered a place for 2017. She has become quite opinionated in regards to which school she thinks is the right one for her. She had it in her mind that she wanted to attend a particular school. We know the wait list is long and it’s not so easy to get in. More importantly, I need a work visa for her to secure a place. My work visa was processing so we were finally allowed to put her name on the waitlist. I made a time to meet with the principal and put our application in, expecting we would be told she may have a place in a year or so. Audrey goes into that meeting saying she is sure she will get a spot! We were asked back for an assessment the following day and told, assuming the assessment goes well, she may start in a matter of weeks! This girl of mine knows how to manifest alright. Quite impressive stuff!

*Finally getting a work visa for Bali. It’s been a long process but we are almost there. In a matter of weeks, I will have my visa and I am so excited. I can’t wait to start working again.

That’s a wrap! Looking back, I’m thinking even though there were some terribly difficult times and things did not go as planned, on the whole, it was a pretty good year. Essentially, we spent 2016 doing all the hard work. We have laid the groundwork for 2017 to be an incredible year, so hello 2017! I know you are going to be wonderful and I am pretty damn excited!!! Let’s do this xxx

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