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{love + chaos}

life with 3 small children under 5 is hectic but i think there is a beauty in the chaos of it all. deb gets that…

the images she chose really reflect this time in her families life. it was a busy session and we had to work hard to get and keep, all 3 kids in the frame! there may have been some bribery going on and fabulous methods of distraction involving bird and plane spotting. when i was leaving, deb specifically asked me not to delete the photos where a child is doing something they shouldn’t. if there was 1 out of 3 crying, she was totally ok with that! she was keen to see the ones others might discard and i really LOVE that!

as a mumma, i totally look forward to a little quiet ‘me’ time because sometimes it can get to be too much being so needed but before too long, the house will be really quiet. there will be no children needing us to help feed them or dress them. asking us to look at them ride on their bike super fast for the 112th time or score their cartwheel again while they try and execute the most perfect one! in those quiet moments, i long for the beautiful chaos and all the happiness and warmth that came with it. for that reason, i love that deb will have these photos to remember just how it was when her children were small.

go embrace your chaos! rowe x

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