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{my photography journey + my love of film… part two}

{if you havent read fridays post – the post before this one – its probably best to go read that first, then come back and read this post}

i had decided to photograph my family more and to use my film cameras so i didnt have to edit my personal images. initially the idea was met with such enthusiasm and excitement so i wondered why after a few months passed, i hadnt taken a single photo on film… im not sure why exactly but i suspect i had gotten a little lazy… id become accustom to instant gratification, to be able to look on the back of the camera and know id nailed a shoot was a good feeling! i think maybe i was also a little scared… like perhaps i had forgotten how to take a photo on my film cameras… how crazy is that!

i knew i needed to feel inspired… i needed to do something just for me!

in december, just before xmas, i contacted a photographer who i have loved for sometime. his name is jonathan canlas. if you dont know him… go check out his work now.  you will love how he captures people in such a true and authentic way, his beautiful soft colours and creamy skin tones – he is amazing and shoots film 100% of the time!

anyway, i wrote him to see if he had any workshops coming up in the usa in february because i would be there then for wppi conference. to my surprise, jonathan was coming to australia in january, melbourne to be exact. he had one place left in his workshop and i figured it was meant to be – that place was for me!

the workshop was everything i hoped for and more! jonathan is so real. his motto is no secrets… there is no question he wont answer because he is so open and willing to share! did i mention he is so technically capable, its ridiculous? he knows everything there is to know about a camera, light and film and i mean everything… ive never met someone who knows their camera settings like he does!

jonathan loves film and his excitement is contagious! he is encouraging and supportive… he just rocks and thats that!

i went off to the workshop hoping to leave with a rekindled love for film and the confidence i once had to get out there and actually shoot personal work and that is exactly what i got! i also met some really amazing photographers… what a super talented bunch of people i got to hang out with for 3 days! i want to show them some love so i wll link here so you can go check out their work!

tavis johnson // jonathans side kick. funny and charming and i cant believe you love coke a cola more than i do!

jonas peterson // talented beyond words but ever so humble and grounded. you rock my friend!

samm blake // you take beautiful photos and you’re all kinds of lovely! i hope you you’re living your dream.

lea kua // you have the biggest heart… you’re soft and sweet and mega talented too!

tealily photography // trish, you’re as cute as a button and you take the dreamiest of pictures!

beata english // dearest sweetest beata… you’re just awesome my gorgeous friend!

fiona anderson // one of my most favourite kiwis. so bubbly and full of life!

liz arcus // i feel so blessed to have met you… such a gentle and loving soul!

emma jay // one of the kindest, most caring friends. so encouraging and supportive!

janine kaye //  what a beautiful person… be sure to shine my dear sweet friend. you deserve it!

jodi mcdonald // i still giggle when i think of you… you’re beyond funny! such a positive person and so much fun!

helena sofia //  such a sweetheart… im looking forward to seeing your business grow!

angela higgins // it was super nice to meet you. hope the wedding was all kinds of wonderful!

nicole spears //  i loved getting to know you a little over yummy italian!

adrian tuazon //  your just so damn clever. i love your work!

as if learning from the master of film and hanging out with the coolest bunch of photographers ever isnt enough… when the workshop was over, its wasnt really over at all… you are forever part of an online forum of past FIND workshop attendees and a very active and supportive facebook group! jonathan is on the forum and facebook commenting on everything and sharing inspiring links. he just loves photography. he loves film and loves encouraging others to get out there and shoot it!

you might be wondering how this is relevant to you, if you are a digital photographer and love everything about digital – why would you want to shoot film? why would you learn to shoot film if you dont want to incorporate that into your business model, if you have no intention of offering it to your clients? well… im not saying everyone should shoot film on a daily basis (although im sure you might want to after you spend a little time slowing down and learning the craft). im saying that i think learning how to shoot film, will change the way you shoot digital and you just might become a better photographer in the process!

if at anytime in the future, its possible for you to go to a FIND workshop, do it… you will be forever thankful!!!

i have been shooting film a little since the workshop. i have so many rolls of 35mm and medium format film ready to be developed… i was planning to wait and write this post when i had some film images to share but ive been in bed sick and incredibly bored the last week so i thought it seemed like the perfect time to share.

ill be sharing photos soon but for today, instead of images of my own, i thought id leave you with some links. a few of my favourite film photographers. some have been shooting film forever and ive loved them for that long! some who shoot both digital and film and seem to be shooting film more and more. a couple i have only recently discovered so im going to link to a fave post from each of them rather than just their blog or website. you can always click on their home pages to explore their work more!

jonathan canlas (of course) ~

i love this family and their story… the images are just beautiful!

i really love that jonathan shoots so much personal work… it was his personal images taken with the G2 that made me keep coming back to his blog to see more – i have that camera so i found it inspiring to hear someone love it so much! another cute family here too.

becky earl ~

this has to be the most gorgeous sessions ever… so much sparkle and personality captured. soft and dreamy… so precious!

ive loved beckys work for sometime and she used to only shoot digital so i have loved watching her transition into shooting film 100% of the time!

elizabeth messina ~

this is beyond beautiful. elizabeth takes super pretty pictures! that was a kind of short blog post so here is another favourite and another… oh just one more!

jose villa ~

oh my… this wedding makes me want to move to the country and get married in a field… jose is one of my most favourite wedding photographers… he is amazing at what he does!

how pretty is this session of amelia too!

diana palmer (yan photo) ~

yan posted these images today and im crazy about them… it has to be one of the most gorgeous engagement sessions. ever!

i love this shoot too. a dancer, flowers and a soft creamy colour palette… its oh so pretty! diana doesnt shooting film 100% of the time so some of this shoot was shot on digital. i like seeing the difference between the two mediums. i love her work no. matter. what!

jen haung ~

jen shoots both digital and film but everything she photographs is just beautiful…

i really do love her personal work and how sweet is this engagement session!

clary pfeiffer ~

i so love everything about this shoot! the light is golden and the connections captured are so sincere… its a sweet family portrait!

i have so many more that i love but that should keep you all busy for a while!



before i go, i want share a couple of videos links too…

jimmy fontaine…  im in love with his fashion images so be sure to check them out! i  love so much of what had to say in this interview

(warning: some mild language)…

i especially liked these two quotes…

‘its really important to get your a___ kicked in a sense, because thats when you learn the most.’

‘to really create a moving iconic photograph, its so much more than the equipment you use.’

while your at check out the interviews with the other photographers because there is so much great stuff over there!!!

diana palmer and becky earl were featured on framed show a few months back so thats fun to watch! while there, check out the ryan muirhead feature cause he is awesome!

leave a comment with links of other film photographers you know and love – even if its your own link – so i can add them to my favourites… i would LOVE that!

rowe x

p.s.  you know i cant do a post without a photo…  i thought it was fitting to include these photos of me, taken by jonathan canlas at the melbourne FIND workshop!


June 14, 2011 - 1:32 am

Clarissa - Thanks so much for sharing this! It’s something I have been thinking of taking up in my spare time. Gosh where do I start though!

June 14, 2011 - 2:57 am

Katie K - So awesome Rowe! Thank you for sharing so much! I just bought the book over the weekend. 🙂 I used to shoot film too, but I didn’t get very far on my journey before I switched to digital, and certainly never owned any of those lovely cameras. I am really hoping to get into film over the coming year for my personal work too. Even if it’s just to challenge myself and spend less time at the computer. 🙂

June 14, 2011 - 11:36 am

steph - Can’t tell you how much I love this post Rowe. I’ll be coming back to it again and again to check out all the inspiring talent you’ve shared here. I walk by my collection of film cameras every day… you’ve made me think about picking one of them up again. Thanks!!

June 14, 2011 - 7:16 pm

Marla - Can’t wait to check these out. Just aquired my father’s Nikon F4 film camera from the 80’s – it’s in the shop getting fixed and shined up – can’t wait to learn on this baby . . .

June 18, 2011 - 10:15 am

Love and Lollipops - Hi Rowe,

I’ve enjoyed reading your photo journey and I so agree that it use to be wonderful waiting to collect the photos from the photo shop. Some of my best pics ever were taken with film…and I had a pretty ordinary camera!

Your photos are so special! I love looking at them. I’ll definitely go and check out some of thelinks you have shared…it seems I might need a day or two’s worth of time though :)!

Take care,

June 19, 2011 - 11:00 pm

emma - Wow . . . what a great post, Rowe. Your writings have stirred the creatives juices, yet again. What a blessing it was to meet Jonathan and be mentored by him over those three days – was one of those great experiences we’ll never forget. I cannot wait to see more shots from FIND . . . will be keeping an eye out, Missey! Hope we can meet up again one day, and go shoot a few rolls together. Hope you’re feeling better . . . em x x

July 6, 2011 - 2:06 am

fiona andersen - Oh Rowe how could I miss this. You are one of the sweetest and kindest people I had the pleasure of meeting. I love that you are following your heart and I LOVE all the photographers you have shared that inspire you. I wish you all the best on your journey and hope our paths cross many more times xxxx

July 8, 2011 - 4:41 am

janine - wow, feeling so inspired right now. thank you for sharing so much. and thank you for being so wonderful….and listening to me when i have no clue as to what the hell i am doing on this crazy journey LOL. xo

July 19, 2011 - 7:47 pm

Kelly Durie - I loved reading that Rowe, so inspiring and I am not a photographer!! Just sounds so amazing and what an extended journey you have been on. So wonderful. Your work is always amazing and I know you have always had such a love of film…like I said after your part one post….I can remember so clearly coming to your place and always seeing prints all over every table in the place, I loved looking at what you had been shooting, so I can only imagine how this has inspired you to work with film again…x

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