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{our world | day twenty six}

two friends. living oceans apart. sharing 30 days of images. inspired by one word.


i knew right away i wanted to take a photo of audrey singing no matter how bad the light is in the studio space she has singing lessons… im crazy about music and i think its where i gain most my inspiration! hearing her sing makes my heart so happy! i just adore her voice and how her little face lights up when she sings! oh how i wish i could sing like that…

i need to mention that she just happens to be learning skinny love right now by one of my most favourite bands ever… oh how i love bon iver! most amazing gig i ever did see!!! on a side note, her singing teacher actually referenced the birdy version of skinny love as the inspiration but audrey and i love birdy too! so many favourites all in one moment…

CMS centre stage music bali

© rowe timson photography

our world oceans apart project deb schwedhelm favourite

© deb schwedhelm photography

if you want to read more about our project, see this post. rowe x

p.s. if you are on instagram you can actually hear audrey sing a couple of lines… its literally 10 seconds taken her very first week singing but i think it sounds beautiful! take a peek!

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