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{family love}

last time i was in sydney i had a session with a huge family…  there were brothers, sisters, cousins, mums, dads and grandparents too!

so it was like 4 shoots really and it took the longest while to get through all the shots we wanted to capture on the day and its taken me forever to edit them…  so thanks to monique and her lovely family for the utmost patience!

here is just a little sneak peek and there will be more to see in your online gallery tomorrow. my most favourite moment was when the kids took turns wearing grandads hat… how sweet did they look in a hat far too big for them but how they loved that!

it got me thinking how special it is to do something like that… that i dont have a really decent picture with danny and audrey, let alone my mum and dad and my grandparents. actually, the last time we had a family photo was when audrey was 17 months old. how embarrassing is that – i think i better arrange a family shoot of our own sometime soon!

rowe x

March 3, 2010 - 6:42 am

Margo Plowright - I just love the photo of all the girls in front of the book shelf, such a great natural shot….. I also love the hat shot, so cute!!!!!!! all great!

March 3, 2010 - 6:55 am

Ninka - Gosh what a stunning family! Beautiful work Rowe, I’m sure they will be thrilled 🙂

March 3, 2010 - 11:38 am

fat mum slim - Oh my god! I didn’t see half of these photos when you were here! Seriously Rowe. I am sitting here with my mouth wide open. They’re amazing.

I love that last family shot with Mon in it. They’re such a beautiful family.

They’re so AMAZING! I am so in awe of everything! xx

March 3, 2010 - 11:39 am

fat mum slim - I’ve just looked at them again… and I wish my words did them justice…. I’m sorry for going on and on and on…. but Rowe! Far out. I can’t believe how beautiful they all are.

Sorry. I’ll stop now.

But just one more look. xx

March 3, 2010 - 2:07 pm

admin - oh thanks so much girls! wow chantelle… you commented twice… i am so happy to read your kind words! hope mon likes them as much as you do x

March 4, 2010 - 2:07 am

monique mcmahon - im speachless truly amazing i cant thank you enough .. you have done such an amazing job a really love the one of the 4 of us looking up and especialy the one of will in grandads hat too qute . thank you thank you you have made the shoot look like it was just a few snaps that just happen to be perfect you are amazing XXXXXxxxxx

March 4, 2010 - 4:05 pm

admin - such lovely words… im so happy you love them mon and i cant wait to show you the rest!

March 4, 2010 - 4:39 pm

Anita - I too love the one with the four of them looking up and the bookshelf one. So candid. Love them!!

March 6, 2010 - 12:11 pm

Trisha - Gorgeous pictures! The first picture is TDF! Simply BEAUTIFUL!

March 11, 2010 - 2:01 am

admin - thanks so much anita and trisha!


isnt she the most perfect little princess ever…  i love the tulle skirt over the leggings and how amazing are those big blue eyes!  rowe x

March 1, 2010 - 4:27 pm

Anita - What a little doll. Just divine. x

March 2, 2010 - 1:52 am

belinda - I love the swing shot, i want pics of my kids at that location…. Love it!!!!

And that little girl is super cute!

March 2, 2010 - 4:43 am

Margo Plowright - totally superb shots, as usual, and what a cutey! Great Rowe!

March 2, 2010 - 7:47 pm

Marvett Smith - Your work is amazing. So beautiful!

{52 weeks} me again

im editing like crazy right now, trying to get all my recent work out to the most patient clients in the world!  to all those waiting…  i promise…  i will share some of your photos here soon cause im getting there!  my house looks a bit messy right now and we are eating more take out than ever cause i dont want to stop editing and i certainly dont want to make mess ill have to clean up!

well im at audreys piano practice so it seemed like the perfect time to show my blog a little love and besides, im so overdue a 52 week project post…  i have actually taken 2 weeks worth of 52 week project photos but just havent had a minute to download them, let alone choose a few favourites to share!  these were shot on the 14th feb.  i wanted blur and movement and i love how they turned out!  i do think they need a little touching up but lets be real…  i wont get around to that anytime soon so here they are!

to my surprise, im actually enjoying this little project!  ask me again in a few weeks and i might say something different cause coming up with new and interesting ways to shoot ones self, week after week, may be a bit challenging but many have done it before me.  does anyone else want to join in?  you dont need a blog cause you can flickr your photos…  theres a whole group over there…  anyone???  rowe x

February 24, 2010 - 2:36 am

fat mum slim - Wow Rowe. These are just perfect. xx

February 24, 2010 - 5:01 am

admin - thanks telle! i have a few other favourites that i will put on flickr when i decide to have a break from editing… do you flickr? rowe x

February 25, 2010 - 3:18 pm

Life with Kaishon - Your eyes are so pretty. What a great color!

July 13, 2010 - 4:46 pm

Lou - LOVE these Rowe xxx

July 13, 2010 - 5:00 pm

admin - thanks so much lou! i only did the 52 week project for a few weeks and abandoned it… unintentionally of course but just never find time and there is only so many ways you can photograph yourself holding your camera! yesterday my self timer arrived in the post so i might just do a few more when things get a little quieter…

December 17, 2012 - 2:08 am

Margo Plowright - these are fabulous and your eyes look just like nanna x mum